A carefully distilled wisky

The Choose of a Swiss Wisky

Perfect Taste

Come on and Taste! Alone or not Alone, this is not the Question!

Ateliers of Maison Verdan

a privileged place for a tasting


I Want to invite all my friends and Share the best moments

What a Hell! This is really Wisky you know!

Come and Check how we make it Right now!

I Want to test it home

Good News! We come Home, like This you can safety test our Wisky. The road of Wisky begin here and Now!

Bienvenue à La Distillerie du Chêne

Découvrez la saveur des Wisky distillés par nos soins pour le plus grand plaisir des connaisseurs et amateurs.
Profitez avec vos amis de chaque note de ce fabuleux Wisky.